About UrbanPet.Life

Mandie B. Pack Leader
Mandie B.- Pack Leader
Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter
Pet Care Experts Serving Calgary, AB

My name is Mandie B. – I’m the owner, dog walker extraordinaire and main blogger behind UrbanPet.Life! Firstly I would like to personally thank you for visiting our soon to be famous Calgary dog blog “UrbanPet.Life“. This is my first attempt at blogging so hopefully I can make it fun and exciting for all of us.

I started this blog as a way to share information while my dog walking and pet sitting company (Paws N Parks Pet Care) picked up and was also taking time to finish off my main dog walking website for my business. The blog has since  taken  a life of its own and has been a great success. I have had the pleasure of meeting some incredibly nice people and their beautiful furry friends through this blog.

Fortunately the urbanpet.life  blog  has also helped me really kickstart my dog walking business and am now actively looking for other local dog walkers in all Calgary communities and neighborhoods to join my team.  Whether you are a seasoned dog walker looking to pick up a couple more customers here and there or own a larger dog walking / pet care facility looking to ramp up your business – please give me a call at 403-850-5959 to discuss.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the website I have put together here and that you get great use out of it. Please visit often and help me spread the word!

Areas We Service Within the City of Calgary:

“North “North West Calgary Communties Service Area Calgary Inner City Service Area North East Calgary Communties Service Area East Calgary Communites Service Area South East Calgary Communites Service Area South Calgary Communites Service Area “Off-leash Diana Mercer Dog Walker Chestemere AB Dog Walker Near Langdon, AB Local Okotoks Dog Walker & Pet Sitting Service Community Dog Walking in Cochrane AB